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MindSplit bandmates on C.H.A.O.S
Mikael Rosengren - Keyboards
Martin Berger - Alto Saxophone
Melody Payne - Innocent child's voices and croon
Kjell Larsson - Male choir
Tommy Näsmark - Male choir
Thomas Odenland - Male choir


I’ve found the door; I’ve got the key,
Let’s walk the stairs to infinity
The magic’s here, the demons are gone,
The Lonesome Road you may travel is long…
 © Prof. Xandau

Where light and darkness meet
There is a sacred place
Awaken from endless sleep
Lets hear the kingdom call,
With an unexpected grace…
 © Prof. Xandau

“I’m ReconstrucDead…it’s Freedom ahead”
 © Prof. Xandau

this is The End of an ancient time, the final chapter’s last rhyme
New days will dawn, old rages are gone…
The escape is a trapped freedom locked inside
Magical sceneries,spell- boundaries,the fantasy of the mystery
Turning the page, summon the rage…
And meet the moment of truth and history,
It’s a brand new Beginning and…The End…
 © Prof. Xandau